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The Polytunnel Handbook

The Polytunnel HandbookThe last decade has seen an unprecedented rise in demand for organic fruit and vegetables, and each year more of us are discovering that home-grown food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than food shipped in from elsewhere. A polytunnel can be used as an affordable, low-carbon aid to growing your own food all year round, from crispy salads and stir-fries in the dead of winter to juicy melons and mouthwatering grapes in high summer. The Polytunnel Handbook looks at all aspects of polytunnel use from planning your purchase to harvesting the rewards, and includes a step-by-step guide detailing how polytunnels are put up and maintained. There are chapters on developing healthy soil and preventing pests, and a jargon-free guide to the range of often mystifying accessories that many tunnel retailers offer. For the DIY enthusiast there is a full set of instructions for building a polytunnel from scratch, and the authors explain how to keep your polytunnel productive in every season.

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How to Grow Food in Your Polytunnel

How to Grow Food in Your PolytunnelAre you using your polytunnel to its full potential? If so, not only will it provide you with tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer, you'll also be harvesting fresh crops all year round, even when the ground outside is frozen. You could be harvesting sweet potatoes and late celery in November; winter radish, baby carrots and celeriac in early February; salads leaves right through the winter; and even in the 'hungry gap' you'll have a choice of new potatoes, pak choi, broad beans, peas, tender cabbages, cauliflower, beetroot and more. How to Grow Food in Your Polytunnel has all the information you need to make the most of this precious covered space, including: A crop-by-crop guide to the growing year; A dedicated chapter on growing for the 'hungry gap'; A cropping chart to help with planning; Your tunnel's first year - timely advice for new tunnel gardeners.

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The Polytunnel Companion

The Polytunnel HandbookTHE POLYTUNNEL COMPANION is an essential reference guide for anyone considering purchasing a polytunnel. The book covers all the information needed to choose and construct a polytunnel, providing advice based on first hand experience as well as guidance from expert polytunnel owners, ranging from private gardeners through to smallholders and larger commercial enterprises.

There are sections covering such subjects as choosing the perfect site, polytunnel accessories, construction, growing specific crops, organic pest control and more.

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