The following are a list of polytunnel suppliers located in Ireland. These suppliers have websites which provide information on polytunnels.

Polytunnel Suppliers in Ireland

High Bank

Based in Kilkenny, Highbank Ltd offer first hand experience in production under plastic greenhouses as well as displaying current innovations to the market that assist the home grower & allotment owner as well as the commercial producer.

D Plant Horticulture

D-Plant Garden Tunnels gives you the possibility - an easily constructed and cost-effective alternative to a greenhouse - to grow your own vegetables all year round! Nationwide delivery can be arranged. The garden tunnel kits are also compact enough for personal collection. D Plant are based in Wexford.

Polytunnels Ireland

All our polytunnels use large diameter galvanised steel tubing with strong interlocking joints.
The polythene used is 720 guage (180 microns) or 800 guage and comes in clear or opaque. The polythene is guaranteed for four years, but has a life expectancy of up to 10 years. Polytunnels Ireland are located in Galway.


Thorough website with useful information on choosing between a greenhouse and a polytunnel. Polydome are based in Birr, County Offaly.

Colm Warren Polytunnels

Colm Warren Polytunnels (CWP) has been successfully manufacturing and building polytunnels, greenhouses and canopied steel structures in Ireland for over 36 years.

Cummins Polytunnels

Cummins Polytunnels are a family run business based in the south east of ireland and have been manufacturing polytunnels since 1983.

The Organic Centre

Growing your own food in polytunnels is a great way to beat the weather and the credit crunch. lastic tunnels are ideal for growing tasty salad crops, herbs and tomatoes amongst many other crops.

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